M. Keith Sorenson
Current Oil Paintings 2014     Oil on canvas U.N.O.  Exploring abstraction with "real".                     

Aquifer 30x30
Subduction 36x42
Magma 24x24
Olympics/Fogbank  36x42
Roots Red/Green+ 18x18
Sediment 30x30
Slough 24x24
Another Path 42x36
Arizona Sycamore 24x24
Roots 30x30
Mt.Discovery 36x42
Grandy Lake 24x24
Spring Alders 30x30
Forest 26.5x29
Fog 30x30
Madronas and Firs 30x30
Quakies/Rain 30x30
Fir Island  30x30
Harney County  30x30
Low Tide 30x30
Madronas/Rain 42x36
Light Rain 42x36
Rainshadow 36x42
Slough/Birches 30x30
Another Path 42x36
Twilight 36x42
Watershed 42x36
Water Table 43x42