M. Keith Sorenson
landscape paintings
Scott Milo Gallery
420 Commercial Ave
Anacortes, WA  98221

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I've been painting most of my life, but it was only after retiring from an architectural career in 2000 that I found time to devote myself fully .   I paint landscapes for many reasons, but basically it is because of a focus on the natural beauty that occurs all around us.  I find that when I am painting, my energy is totally directed to what I'm seeing, I live in the moment, past and future are not distractions, and simplicity prevails. 
I also find that after working with straight lines in architecture for almost 30 years, I enjoy avoiding them altogether.
I started working in watercolors, but have explored other mediums and am enjoying exploring in oils.   I always prefer working plein air when possible, but studio work is great too.

This website and all paintings shown are copyrighted by M. Keith Sorenson 2009.  No images will be downloaded without the written permission of the artist.
Please feel free to contact me either directly or through the galleries listed below. 
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About this Website
This website represents a sample of my paintings, but not all.   The site will be updated from time to time.  Current update 3/2016.